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~Coming Soon ~

This page will list furniture and fixture needs for the new library.  Those wishing to help with the furnishing of the new library will be able to select items for direct purchase and donation to the library.

More details to come as the planning for our new building progresses.

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Here are examples of the kinds of items we expect to include in our registry:

Inside – Common Areas:
Circulation desk
Magazine/newspaper display
Display cases – Illuminated, lockable
Monitor for scrolling announcements
Multi-purpose Room – Tables, chairs, projector, screen
Arm chairs, couches, side tables for soft seating
Fax and copy machine cabinet w/storage

Inside – Children’s Area:
Seating – Size-appropriate tables and chairs, adult seating (tables/chairs, soft seating), large floor pillows and/or beanbags
Area rug, especially if we have polished concrete floors
Signage for shelves
Cork-bottomed bookends, large and small
Wall graphics
Computer furniture

Inside – Children’s Storytime Supplies:
Art supplies
Musical instruments
Realia (puppet theater, mini-kitchen, tool bench)
Storage for above

Inside – Adult Area:
Soft seating w/side tables
Tables – Small and large
Chairs – Fixed and portable
Computer Furniture
Signage for shelves
Wall graphics
Cork-bottomed bookends, large and small

Our Registry may also include things you can’t get at!

Land Prep/Parking Lot:
Earth-moving equipment/ fill dirt
Lighting around building and in parking lot
Parking curbs
Parking lot striping
Handicap parking signs
Electronic sign at road
Landscaping(?) in parking lot

Building Adjacent:
Flag pole
Landscaping – Shrubs, evergreens, flowers/flower boxes
Outdoor seating – Benches, picnic table w/umbrella
Locking outdoor display case (possibly for Friends?)

Library Wish List Examples
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Orion Township Public Library
Boothbay Harbor Mamorial Library