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Thank You

Thank You For Your Donations of Capital

The Library has maintained a “New Building Fund” for more than a decade. Over the years we have received monetary contributions and that fund was recently close to $70,000. ALL FROM DONATIONS!

The Friends of the Addison Township Library have by for been the largest donors to this fund, donating more than $50,000.00 to the fund since it’s inception.


Thank You For Your Donations of Service

We’re overwhelmed by the number of people who have stepped up to offer their services to help us build this new library. So far, we’ve been helped by engineers, architects, project managers, and many others. Even more people have offered to help with things like clearing the land, painting, brickwork and more.

If you want to donate a service, please use our Contact Us form to reach out to us and let us know what you’re willing to do for us.

The new library will include a permanent plaque thanking all donors to the Capital Campaign.

Giving Levels

Supporter: $1,000 – $4,999
Advocate: $5,000 – $9,9999
Benefactor: $10,000 or more

A permanent plaque is planned for the new library, including an as yet to be designed commemorative plaque to honor all significant contributions.

Thank You To:

Friends of Addison Township Library
Addison Township Firefighters
Anonymous Donors
Architect: John Danckaert
Civil Engineer: Nowak & Fraus Engineers
Construction Manager: The Alan Group

Local Businesses

Thank you to the following local businesses who have donated to our Capital Campaign:

Great Day Interactive – For building and updating this Website.


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