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Upland Hills School

Helping to Build Addison Township’s First Library


New Library Building Brick Fundraiser

Use this link to donate toward the Upland Hills School bricks for the new Library. We’d like to fund at least one brick, but more would be better! Donate any amount.  Every donation helps. The total cost for each brick is $250.

Click the brick to donate!Upland Hills School

*Amount Raised So Far: $10.00


* Amounts are not updated automatically. Please allow 24 hrs for your donation to be shown.

Personalize Your Own Brick

If you would rather purchase a brick on your own, and choose your own inscription, then visit the Brick Fundraiser page to choose your inscription and payment method – including installment payments!  

Individual Classroom Bricks – On Demand

If your class, group, or club wants to sponsor their own brick, send us a message through the Contact Us page to have your own Donate button created for you to share.