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Oxford Band Boosters – Group Brick Donation

Helping to Build Addison Township’s First Library


New Library Building Brick Fundraiser

Your group, club, team or family can band together to purchase a customized brick. The total cost for each brick is $250.

Click the brick to donate!OXFORD SCHOOLS BAND BOOSTERS

*Amount Raised So Far: $2.00

Got an Idea for a Group Brick?

If your class, group, or club wants to sponsor their own brick, send us a message through the Contact Us page to have your own brick donation button created for you to share.

* Amounts are not updated automatically. Please allow 24 hrs for your donation to be shown.

Personalize Your Own Brick

If you would rather purchase a brick on your own, and choose your own inscription, then visit the Brick Fundraiser page to choose your inscription and payment method – including installment payments!