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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 9/19/19

When will you break ground?
A lot of factors determine this point in the project.  Our current estimate would be by the end of this year, before the ground freezes. The first phase of tree removal, marking trees, was completed on September 14, 2019.


How long will construction take?
About 18 months.


How much will the new building cost?
Our current estimate is $1.31M.


How is this going to be paid for?
The new building will be funded through a combination of our existing fund balance savings, a planned loan using the equity of the new building on the donated property, and donations.  We are already 75% of the way funded. Fundraising efforts will be accelerated in the Fall of 2019.


How much is the current shortfall in funding for the new building?
The current shortfall is approximately $316,000.


What is going to be different in the new building?
The new building is approximately 40% larger than our current space. The new building will also include a multi-purpose room, a dedicated room for a directors office, a dedicated work-room for staff,  additional seating for both adults and children, and an outdoor patio area enclosed on three sides by the building.


Are we getting more parking?


Will there be a view of the lake?
There may be a view of the lake during the Fall & Winter. As much of the woods to the West of the proposed new building will be kept. It’s likely though that the remaining vegetation will be too dense to provide a view of the water.


Where will you go during the construction?
We will remain in our current space until the new building is ready for move in.


How can I stay informed and involved?
Join any of our committees which are working to make this new building a reality. Come to a board meeting. Use our Contact Us form to send us a message.