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Addison Township Library Project Selected to be Brought Before Congress

April 27, 2021


Addison Township Library Project Selected to be Brought Before Congress

The Addison Twp. Library is thrilled to announce that our Application for the Community Project Funding was selected as one of the 10 projects  by U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin.  We requested $500,000 to help fund the construction of the new Addison Twp. Library. The project successfully met the following criteria:

  1. The applicant is a state or local government or a public institution of higher education.
  2. The project is located in Congressional District MI-08.
  3. The proposal demonstrates that the Community Project has robust community support.
  4. The proposal demonstrates that the Community Project will have a significant impact on our community.
  5. The proposal demonstrates that the Community Project would be a good use of taxpayer dollars.

It must be stated that only ten projects can be selected for consideration and that not all ten will be successfully funded. 

In addition to submitting the application, nearly 100 expressions of support were submitted by patrons as well as local supervisors, administrators, lawmakers, and supporters. We sincerely appreciate the collaborative community action that has spurred us on to achieving our goal of building the first taxpayer dedicated library in Addison Twp., Mi.

For more information and to watch our progress, go to


Addison Twp. Library

Jaema Berman, Library Director

1400 Rochester Rd.

Leonard, MI 48367

(248) 628-7180

Addison Twp. Library Board of Trustees

James Baldiga, President

1400 Rochester Rd.

Leonard, MI 48367

UPDATE: 2022 Congressional Requests for Community Project Funding

Over 90 Letters Submitted!

When we reached out to the community for “Expressions of Support,” we had no idea we’d get this many from such a variety of people.  It seems, nearly everyone is happy to help out the Library.

As of this morning, we’ve submitted our application for a $500k grant to fund the construction of the new library.  This grant will allow us to begin construction.  We will still be required to secure a construction loan, but the amount of the loan will be reduced by the size of this grant.

Accompanying our application were ALL of the letters from ALL of these people.  We feel that this will make a big impact in the selection process and thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Stay tuned to this Website for updates.

2022 Congressional Requests for Community Project Funding

We need your help Today!

We have an opportunity to request funding for our new library building through our Congressional Representative Elissa Slotkin. Applications are due April 16, 2021.

Members of Congress are allowed to submit 10 qualified, local projects to the Appropriations Committee for consideration of targeted federal funds.
Help us make our project one of the 10 submitted for funding!

One of the factors of consideration is community support for a project. We’d like to solicit your thoughts on the new library and include your submissions with our application for funding.

We feel like we’ve got a great chance for this funding. We’ve got a “shovel-ready” project, with planning nearly complete and zoning / planning approval imminent. Please take a few minutes and send us your thoughts.

Thank you.

Learn more about this funding request at

Submissions are closed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Over 90 people submitted their own “Expressions of Support.”

Click here for an update on our application.

Learn more about this funding request at

Library Receives Donation of Circulation & Computer Desks

Volunteers recently traveled to the Mt. Clemens Library & White Lake Library to pick up a donation of furniture and fixtures for our new building. These items will remain in storage until we’re ready to use them.

The donation included:
4 Computer desks
2 Circulation desks
2 Media Cabinets
Many chairs

These items will be used in our new building and their donation helps us keep costs down.

A Donation of Doors
Shelving Donation from Jenison Library



Only 400 Bricks will be available for purchase.
Easy installment payments.

New Building Committee Meetings

The committee meets on The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 5pm in The Library.


We are looking for all construction tradesman, artisans, suppliers, etc. interested in helping us with our project goals. If you or someone you know are in construction trades, supply chain or have other talents that can contribute to the cause, please use our Contact Us page to send us your contact information and area of expertise so we can reach out to you as we move forward.

Seeking the Following Trades & Services

Tree work, Earthwork, Trucking, Well Installation, Septic Installation, Landscaping, Asphalt Paving, Concrete Foundations, Concrete Flatwork, Masonry, Rough Carpenters, Millwork / Cabinets, Roofers, Siding, Caulking and Waterproofing, Glazing, Drywall, Tile, Flooring, Painters, Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians and more!

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