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The King Family Donates $4,000 For New Building Capital Campaign

June 25, 2020


The King Family donates $4,000 For New Building Capital Campaign

The Addison Twp. Public Library is pleased to announce a donation of $4,000 received from the King family to support the New Building Capital Campaign.

The King family’s ongoing commitment and dedication to our community have inspired growth and driven the library forward,” expressed Jaema Berman, Library Director. Since 2011, The King family has actively supported the library through positions on The Library Board of Trustees and The Friends of the Library. Continue reading

Library Receives Technology Grant


Addison Township Public Library Receives IMLS Grant, for Check IT Out: Tablet and Hotspot Lending Program

The Addison Twp. Library is pleased to announce that it has received a generous grant on April 16, 2020,  from The Institute of Museum and Library Services to fund Check IT Out: Tablet and Hotspot Lending Program.

Continue reading

Response to Concerned re: Staffing for the New Library

We have recently become aware of talk from some in our community concerning how we plan to staff the new building with our current funding model. This is our response to those concerns.

Dear Concerned ~

It’s hard to predict the future. It would be disingenuous for the Board to pretend to be able to do so, however all of the Board members, the Library staff, and many of your friends and neighbors in the community believe that a newer and more comfortable library is worth the effort. Our new library will be an asset & a benefit to all current and future members of our community.

To address your concerns: though larger in size, we are planning to have the same amount of staff as our current building. The layout of the main desk and the shelves for the collection allow for an adequate amount of patron supervision & assistance. Our Library, your Library, currently has 1 Full-time employee and 12 part-time employees. Payroll represents 50% of our annual budget.

We also anticipate some savings in our monthly utilities due to modern building codes and the likelihood that a building built in the year 2020 would be significantly more energy efficient than the space we’re currently in.

There is a tremendous amount of support for a new library building in our township and enthusiasm continues to build. We invite you to come to our meetings to learn more about the project and get involved or donate if you can.

Thank you.

Addison Township Library Board

The Michael Flatt Foundation Makes $5,000 Donation to New Building Capital Campaign

January 24, 2020


The Michael Flatt Foundation Makes $5,000 Donation to New Building Capital Campaign

The Michael Flatt Foundation, a long time supporter of the library,  donated $5,000 on January 7, 2020, to be applied to our New Building Capital Campaign.

“The Michael Flatt Foundation’s ongoing commitment and dedication to our community has moved the library forward,” expressed Jaema Berman, Library Director. Since 2015, The Michael Flatt Foundation has given a total of $16,500 for a fiber optic cable, programming and the New Building Fund. Although the library receives public funding, The Michael Flatt Foundation has continued to provide additional financial support.

The Addison Township Library is honored to join with The Michael Flatt Foundation which shows a passion for literacy and a commitment to spreading the message of how influential libraries can be in a  community. Through this donation, and others, we aim to build the first  library ever built in Addison Township.

This significant contribution will help us reach our fundraising goal.  Fundraising efforts however will continue until we’re able to meet the expected cost of the new building.  Details on the project status, building design, and our fundraising progress can be found on the website of the Addison Township Public Library Capital Campaign,





Addison Twp. Library

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Addison Twp. Library Board of Trustees

James Baldiga, President

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Announcing Group Brick Purchases!

Groups, Clubs, Teams and Schools can now band together and purchase an inscribed brick.

The total cost is still $250 per brick, but this new feature let’s groups of people combine their donations toward a brick or bricks.

Visit the Group Brick Purchase page for more information.

We’ve also setup group bricks for each of the four schools in Addison Township. Show your support by donating to your school’s unique brick.

Visit the Schools group brick purchase page for more information.



Only 400 Bricks will be available for purchase.
Easy installment payments.

New Building Committee Meetings

The committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 5pm in The Library.


We are looking for all construction tradesman, artisans, suppliers, etc. interested in helping us with our project goals. If you or someone you know are in construction trades, supply chain or have other talents that can contribute to the cause, please use our Contact Us page to send us your contact information and area of expertise so we can reach out to you as we move forward.

Seeking the Following Trades & Services

Tree work, Earthwork, Trucking, Well Installation, Septic Installation, Landscaping, Asphalt Paving, Concrete Foundations, Concrete Flatwork, Masonry, Rough Carpenters, Millwork / Cabinets, Roofers, Siding, Caulking and Waterproofing, Glazing, Drywall, Tile, Flooring, Painters, Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians and more!

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