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Announcing Group Brick Purchases!

Groups, Clubs, Teams and Schools can now band together and purchase an inscribed brick.

The total cost is still $250 per brick, but this new feature let’s groups of people combine their donations toward a brick or bricks.

Visit the Group Brick Purchase page for more information.

We’ve also setup group bricks for each of the four schools in Addison Township. Show your support by donating to your school’s unique brick.

Visit the Schools group brick purchase page for more information.

New Building Update

Here’s snapshot of where we’re at with the fundraising for Addison Township’s First Library.

Click to Read: New Building Update – January 2, 2020 (PDF)

Every Donation Matters

We’re seriously in need of volunteers to help with fundraising.

To see how you can help please call the Library and ask for Jaema, or come to our next Capital Campaign Committee Meeting on Thursday January 9th, at 11am in the Library.

Hope to see you there!

A Donation of Doors

Our new building project was recently the recipient of all or most of the interior doors we will need for the new building. Our construction manager estimates this will save us close to $8,000.

The doors come from an insurance office in Farmington that is being remodeled. The doors are commercial quality, 7.5 ft tall, very heavy with a cherry finish. All of the hardware and the frames for all but the double doors were also donated. The frames are solid cherry. It’s envisioned that the double doors will open to our multi-purpose room. Each door and it’s associated hardware and frame(s) were numbered and cataloged for the future.

Volunteers traveled to Farmington and disassembled these doors and brought them back to Addison Township where they were put into donated climate-controlled storage until they’re needed.

Thank you volunteers!

Friends of Addison Township Public Library Make $10,000 Donation to New Building Capital Campaign

November 14, 2019


Friends of Addison Township Public Library Make $10,000 Donation to New Building Capital Campaign

Last evening at their annual meeting, representatives of the Friends of the Addison Township Public Library presented to Library Director Jaeama Berman and Library Board of Trustees President James Baldiga a check for $10,000 to be applied to our New Building Capital Campaign.

Char Sutherby, President of the Friends stated, “I believe that our library is the heart of the community, bringing all kinds of people together with wide ranging objectives be it educational, health or job related.” Jaema Berman, Library Director expressed that “the Friends understand the importance of a library, with new expanded resources, has the ability to provide programming that cultivates independent learning and builds a renewed sense of pride in our community.”

Berman and Baldiga expressed deep appreciation for the Friends’ passion for reading, love for their community and support for a new library.  Since 2011, the Friends have donated $30,300 for programming and the New Building Fund. The Friends continue to be a positive force for community growth and well being in Addison Township. 

This significant contribution will help us reach our fundraising goal.  Fundraising efforts however will continue until we’re able to meet the expected cost of the new building.  Details on the project status, building design, and our fundraising progress can be found on the website of the Addison Township Public Library Capital Campaign,





Addison Twp. Library

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Addison Twp. Library Board of Trustees

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