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Phase I Tree Clearing Has Commenced

It’s starting to look like a Library…

The wood and wood chips have been left on-site for pickup by residents.  If you’re interested in some of the wood, please make sure to check the schedule for wood pickup and complete a liability release form, available at the library.


Everyone is welcome to help us document the progress.

Look on the telephone pole on the North East corner of the lot for this small bracket.  Just place your phone on the block of wood, take a picture, and share it on social media with the hashtag #ATPL.


Shelving Donation from Jenison Library

Volunteers from the Addison Township Library recently traveled to Jenison MI to claim some donated shelving from the Georgetown Township Public Library located in Jenison MI.  Georgetown Library recently completed the construction of their new library and this shelving was redundant.

Our volunteers were greeted with help and support from several local Boy Scout Troops who were contacted ahead of time by our local volunteers.  They were asked for assistance disassembling the shelving and loading it into the rental truck.  The Scouts earned service time.  Pizza and pop was served to all the volunteers.

All the helping hands made quick work of the disassembly and loading.  In less than 4 hours several hundred feet of 7 foot, 5 foot, and 4 foot tall double shelving units were disassembled and loaded into the truck for travel back to Addison Township for storage at “Stor Your Stuf” in Lakeville.   Additionally, there was also some media shelving, rolling media cabinets and maps storage file cabinets donated to our Library.  Volunteers on this end helped unload the truck and load the shelving into the storage unit.

Addison Township Public Library Receives Pledge of a Gift from The Four County Community Foundation

October 23, 2019


Addison Township Public Library Receives Pledge of a Gift from The Four County Community Foundation


The Addison Township Public Library is delighted to announce a substantial gift from the Four County Community Foundation towards the construction of our new Library building.

The Four County Community Foundation has pledged a total gift of $100,000; to be split between one initial gift of $50,000 and up to 5 years of additional annual gifts of $10,000 per year.


  • $50,000 to be paid once funding is in place for the remainder of the project
  • The additional $10,000 per year for up to five years to be used towards the repayment of a bank loan

Initial planning for the new Library building is nearly complete, with our project details soon to be submitted for initial review by Township planners.  

“The Four County Community Foundation is a non-profit community organization, created by and for the people of the communities we serve.  We are here to make a positive impact on our community.” Visit for more information about Four County Community Foundation,

This significant contribution will help us reach our fundraising goal.  Fundraising efforts however will continue until we’re able to meet the expected cost of the new building.  Details on the project status, building design, and our fundraising progress can be found on the website of the Addison Township Public Library Capital Campaign,


Addison Twp. Library

Jaema Berman, Library Director

1400 Rochester Rd.

Leonard, MI 48367

(248) 628-7180

Addison Twp. Library Board of Trustees

James Baldiga, President

1400 Rochester Rd.

Leonard, MI 48367

OCTV Interview

Watch the Interview our Library Director and President of the Board of Trustees gave to Alexis Ware of OCTV in early August.  The Library segment begins at 14:18.